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30-Nov-21 11:53

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AT-AT Driver DELUXE Helmet Padding

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Available since: 30-Nov-21 09:51
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Item category: Store/Star Wars/At-At Driver
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At-At Driver
DELUXE Helmet Padding

This padding is made with high-quality, airflow, quilted fabric and designed to fit the inner shape of the helmet, providing a nicer presentation and a higher level of comfort.
The padding also comes with:
- An inner hat that gives extra comfort and relief
- Visor openings
 Airflow Quilted Fabric:

Made out of a single piece, this airflow quilted polyester fabric consists of 3 layers:

The rear layer is a very resistant but thin spandex face where the second layer is born. Thousands of threads are used as columns to hold the upper layer, which makes the final product a wide, soft and comfortable net.
This fabric´s design, by having the front net layer in less contact with the surface and a middle layer that allows more air to flow through, dissipates heat faster, making it cooler than any other quilted fabrics!

The final product is very resistant, light, comfortable, fresh and highly breathable when wore.

We combine shipping. Buy more, save more!
It needs some glue and basic skills.

- Helmet is not included -

- Only one padding -

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!
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We usually ship orders within the first week after payment is received.
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