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About us
Once upon a time, in a country far far away…

It is a period of ground-breaking sci-fi movies and literature. A boy dreams with having the machines, suits, and technology he sees in TV. Little does he know what is going to come.

Growing up, he never loses that interest. Begins investing in pieces he finds around the world, an endeavor way ahead of his time, only to realize they’re not up to his standards. He knows he can make them better, so he begins.

His eye for detail is noticed in other parts of the world. What was seen before as too much perfectionism, here is appraised for the accuracy and the care.

He trades what he does for other parts he cannot make, and soon, people with nothing to trade offer to buy him his makings.

This is how FENIXPROPS is born. Not as a business, but as a way of life, a means to have the builds a young boy wished to have and couldn’t find.

As an avid fan, Lucas searched for people like him, who shared his dreams, had similar pasts, and brought them into his dream.

If there’s a thing you’d take with you, let it be this:

Trust in your dreams, where there’s a will, there’s a way…

There’s only four of us in the business, and each of us specializes in what we love the most. For our personal builds, we spend months researching each part, we ask for opinions and we only go with the pieces that meet our standards, that pay attention to every detail.

We know we don’t always have the whole picture, so we trust our vendors and feel reassured when the communication is honest and easy-going.

Therefore, this is what each of us brings to our area in FENIXPROPS. We know what is like to bring a build to life after months and months of collecting each piece, and we know the joy and pride when it’s finally done. We know the exhilarating feeling of trooping, and we want you to feel exactly the same.

Rest assured that we test, make, and finish each piece for us first, and we take pride in our work. Our only hope is that you feel the same way with our parts.

The team


«Crazy by nature, centered by choice.»

Sci Fi… it all began with Star Wars. Thrilling 8mm ANH shorts that ignited my imagination at birthday’s parties during my childhood. The saga has been etched into my heart since.

I have always been an avid creator, amazed by the art of crafting wonders with my own two hands.

As dreams sometimes outpace budgets, I turned my passion into a journey. When I couldn’t afford my faved props, I delved into the art of making them.

I love guns as props, so I’ve embraced the world of airsoft collecting too.


«Rebellious Force of nature.»

Lover of everything geek: books, movies, videogames, tabletop RPGs, comics… you name it.

As a kid, I discovered Star Wars with the Prequel Trilogy. Later, I got even more excited when I joined my Roller Derby Team: The Rebel Alliance.

Collector of all the things (do I hoard? I won’t admit it) and maker too, after all, how difficult can it be? (spoiler: I underestimate tasks way too often)

It all began when Lucas needed someone who knew English, wanted to answer messages, and organize incoming orders… little did he know that in no time I was going to commandeer all administrative areas. Best three years of my life since, and counting.


«90s kid with an 80s soul.»

First memory of Star Wars was when I was 4 and knew it by heart.

I collect and assemble props, model kits and action figures, and not always in that order. My room has become a treasure trove of all sorts of artifacts and figures.

I may not excel at spontaneously opening up, but I genuinely care and do my best.


«Beauty is in the details.»

I consider myself to be tranquil, sometimes my co-workers describe me as the embodiment of peace, but they might be overdoing it.

I don’t recall when my love for Star Wars began, but I’m really proud of sharing it with my son. Watching the new shows together has been the greatest joy. It’s always special to pass down interests and hobbies to the next generation.

Besides this, I love my time away playing GTA on the PlayStation.