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Eyes kit - Laser Cut

Units Sold: 1
Available since: 03-Aug-13 10:02
Availability: In Stock
Price: $38.99 $33.14 USD
Item category: Store/Star Wars/C-3PO
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"C 3PO Eyes Kit"


- This kit is laser cutted out of high quality acrylic -


Kit content:

- Front Grilled pieces (x2)
-Clear Prismatic Acrylics (x2)
- Center Tubes (x2)
- Body Rings (x4)
- Translucent white led support circles (x2)
- Black end circles (x2)

With one kit you will be able to assamble a pair of eyes.

Front grill is laser cutted, in the front face has a milling between grills and circle to emulate the original union.
 ( be sure to glue it with milled faced to the front )

Prismatic acrylic and white translucent circles have a hole to fit the tube.

 White translucent circle comes with 3 symmetrical holes of 3 mm to fit leds.
( Leds not included, yellow leds recomended ) 

Center hole of the black end circle has the diameter of the inner tube section to allow visibility and will work as a stopper. Also has a small auxiliary hole to place the cables for the leds.

This kit has correct measures and was developed to have the original shape and look once its assembled.

Needs assembling and basic skills.

This will make the other C 3PO props looks like Halloween costumes for kids!

We combine shipping. Buy more and Save more!




- Need glue and basic skills -

If you have any question feel free to mail me!

Will ship to world wide!!


NOTE:  Please remember that international shippings takes time to arrive! Usually orders ship within the time frame of 7 days after payment is received. Thanks in advance for your patience while waiting for your costumes pieces.

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