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30-Nov-21 11:53

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Units Sold: 1
Available since: 23-Jan-15 13:55
Availability: In Stock
Price: $1799.99 $1079.99 USD
Item category: Store/Star Wars/Darth Vader
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"Darth Vader PREMIUM soft parts kit"


"Leather and wool"

This is a tailored made item to your own size. Not a standard sized or mass produced item!

"Free Shipping to AMERICA, other places pay only the extra shipping charge"

- You choose the style ANH, ESB, ROTJ, ROTS or RO -



  (We're working on new photos, this are from our previous model)


This is a tailored made item to your own size.



Suit: 1, 2 or 3 pieces


Cod Piece

Cape (in wool)

Robe (in wool)


All items are based on the original movies, books, pictures and expos, this new model was developed reflecting all the details of the original. All leather items made with the highest quality leather (Napa 0.69)



- Made with the correct padding amount on the ribbed allowing flexibility and screen accurate suit look
- The chest of this body suit is built with three ribbed panels sewn together just like the movie one!
Notice the 2 lines across the chest like the original.

- The lower part of the legs was made as the original with fabric allowing a better fitting into the boots!  Has elastic that goes around the feet to keep the pants inside of the boot.


New Pattern improvements:

-Correct length

- Accurate shorter Finger shape pattern; external stitches,

- Correct padding amount on the ribbed.

- The forearm cover begins before knuckles


Cod piece

- Correct size and shape.

- Adjustable 4cm fasteners straps on back made of a highly resilient nylon.

- Top and back, where the straps end, are reinforced with 2 security seams.

- Assembled on a rubber base for lightness and flexibility.

- Inside pocket. This pocket was added for the purpose of being able to add an aluminum rod (not included) to give the cod the desire curvature.

1 inch wide 3mm thick rod is recommended, we can include the rod for u$s 7 extra.

- All details are being cared for, as seen in the movie!

- One size fits all -

Made of REAL first quality leather (Napa 0.69), making it more durable and sewing with NYLON a very strong thread!!!


The cape is made of black first-quality wool, three-quarters circle, floor length, and lined with black satin.

Reference measures are taken from our DV size cape, will vary depending your size

The satin lining is not sawn to the cape at the bottom, making it fly while you walk...
Now with cape of ¾ circle as seen on the movies


Most impressive!!


The cape collar is first quality Napa Leather, and is one inch to one and a quarter inches in width and it is lined with fabric for a more comfortable wear.

Is also made longer in the front to compensate the length needed to cover the entire size of the boots!!


It is ankle length and made with first quality wool fabric.

Has a low cut opening for the arms and no seams to the front or back.

It’s lined with same fabric for a better build, just as the original!

The side seams are open from the belt down.
There are three pleats/darts on each side of the inner robe that run perpendicular to the belt. The pleats/darts start approximately one inch from the opening edge of the inner robe, and are spaced one inch apart from each other.



We combine shipping. Buy more and Save more!


(Other items that are show in the photos are not included, only for display purposes)



We use high quality Italian wool, not cheap one!

Wool is lighter, has a smooth surface and the color is semi gloss.

 If you have any question feel free to mail me!

Usually orders take 60 days aprox. to be completed after payment and measures were received. Please be patience, we do the best! So we take our time to ensure always the best!

NOTE:  Please remember that international shipping´s take time to arrive! Thanks in advance for your patient while waiting for your costume pieces.

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