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02-Dec-22 08:28

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Darth Vader ROTS Leather Codpiece FREE SHIPPING to America

Units Sold: 3
Available since: 04-Nov-13 13:29
Availability: In Stock
Price: $399.99 $239.99 USD
Item category: Store/Star Wars/Darth Vader
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"Darth Vader ROTS leather Cod piece"



- For those who know the difference -

More accurate than ever, look!


 - Correct size and shape.

- Adjustable 4cm fasteners straps on back made of a highly resilient nylon.

- Top and back, where the straps end, are reinforced with 2 security seams.

- Assembled on a rubber base for lightness and flexibility.

- Inside pocket. This pocket was added for the purpose of being able to add an aluminum rod (not included) to give the cod the desire curvature.

1 inch wide 3mm thick rod is recommended, we can include the rod for u$s 8 extra.

- All details are being cared for, as seen in the movie!

- One size fits all -

Made of REAL first quality leather (Napa 0.69), making it more durable and sewing with NYLON a very strong thread!!!




We combine shipping. Buy more and Save more!

This is a handmade product so all the details are well taken care!



 Argentina is well known for the quality on leather goods. We use only "the best" leather in the market to produce these gloves!
Others can claim the same (to use the best) but if you read carefully in other sellers leather processes explanation you will notice that they are mistaken;  so, how can you trust  that they are really using the "best leather" if they don´t even know about leather or their processes?
The difference between leathers is shown in time or its use, they could look alike, but they are not the same!
To produce these gloves we use First Quality NAPA leather
The Tanning, dye and selection processes are all handmade, no industrial process is used, and every single piece is inspected so you receive "the best".
Our leather goes through a full aniline dye, so all the thickness is the same color of the surface. Even if it suffers a scrape or has heavy use, the leather will remain black!
Dye processes don’t cover imperfections; that’s why you need a first quality leather dying process!
In contrast, second quality leathers are painted to cover all the imperfections but they don’t have the color in all the thickness, only in the surface and when it gets scraped or used for a long time, they show the original color and imperfections of the leather underneath.

If you have any question feel free to mail me!




NOTE:  Please remember that international shipping´s take time to arrive! Thanks in advance for your patient while waiting for your costume pieces.

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