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02-Dec-22 08:28

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Darth Vader Complete Upgrade Helmet Set

Units Sold: 2
Available since: 29-Sep-17 14:57
Availability: In Stock
Lenses Color
Eye Mesh
Price: $99.99 $69.99 USD
Item category: Store/Star Wars/Darth Vader
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"Darth Vader Complete Upgrade Helmet Set"



Here is your chance to give your helmet the upgrade it deserves!

All the items you need at a very convinient price.


Padding (deluxe or regular)

Thermoformed lenses (Red, smoke, amber or yellow)

Eye mesh (1:1 or Don Post)

Tusk (With thread or Without thread)

Mouth Mesh


This padding is made with high quality air flow quilted fabric and designed to fit the inner shape of the helmet, providing a nicer presentation and high level of comfort.

Padding also comes with an inner hat that gives extra comfort and relief.

Also comes with visor and mouth openings.

Deluxe Padding with:

 Air Flow Quilted Fabric

Made out of a single piece, Air flow quilted polyester fabric consists of 3 layers.


The rear layer is a very resistant thin spandex face where the second layer is born as thousands of threads used as columns to  hold the upper layer, a comfortable wide soft netting.


This fabric´s design, with the front net layer that has less contact surface and the middle layer that allow air to flow through, disipates heat faster making it cooler than any other quilted fabrics!

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