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30-Nov-21 11:53

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Tie Fighter/ AT-AT Complete Upgrade Helmet Set

Units Sold: 0
Available since: 29-Sep-17 14:50
Availability: In Stock
Price: $59.99 $35.99 USD
Item category: Store/Star Wars/Tie Fighter
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"Tie Fighter / AT - AT Complete helmet Upgrade set"






Here is your chance to give your helmet the upgrade it deserves!

All the items you need at a very convinient price.


Padding (deluxe or regular)

Smoke Thermoformed Lenses

Decals( 2.75/3 curved or flat)

Metal Mouth Mesh


This padding is made with high quality air flow quilted fabric and designed to fit the inner shape of the helmet, providing a nicer presentation and high level of comfort.

Padding also comes with an inner hat that gives extra comfort and relief.

Also comes with visor and mouth openings.

Deluxe Padding with:

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